The Colt Group - Power Services Division


The leak repair experts.

The Power Services Division of Colt Atlantic Services repairs transformer oil, nitrogen, silicone and SF6 gas leaks without draining or de-pressurizing the equipment.

  • All our repairs guaranteed for two years
  • Our repair process has been used to successfully repair over 15,000 various types of oil and gas leaks
  • No welding or epoxies
  • Most repairs completed with unit in service
  • Sealants meet dielectric and equipment compatibility requirements
  • If for any reason we unable to make a repair that we quoted you will not be charged


"If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay."

If oil is leaking, air and moisture may be leaking in!


SF6 leak prior to Colt repair Cracked flange repaired using COLT enclosure Gas insulated buss flange repaired on-line Tap changer flange ready to be sealed A bushing flange with a custom repair clamp installed and sealed

15,323 repairs completed since 2003

  • 6,286 Flanges
  • 5,691 Packings
  • 1,045 Clamps
  • 875 Knock on caps
  • 287 Cover plates
  • 38 Tap Changers
  • 24 CTs
  • 91 Other

(As of January 2016)

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