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The leak repair experts.

15,323 repairs completed since 2003

  • 6,286 Flanges
  • 5,691 Packings
  • 1,045 Clamps
  • 875 Knock on caps
  • 287 Cover plates
  • 38 Tap Changers
  • 24 CTs
  • 91 Other

(As of January 2016)

No welding or epoxies are used in any of our repairs. Our S-22 sealant is a two-part, catalytic system that when cured remains pliable and will not bond to the surfaces. The sealant maintains a “memory” that allows it to expand and contract as needed due to temperature changes and vibration.

We have had leachable chloride tests performed on our sealants to determine if any conducting material, chlorine ions, could leach out of the sealant into the insulating fluid. This is important because the presence of conductive components in the insulating fluid will deteriorate the fluids insulating qualities. This could be observed as a decrease in dielectric breakdown and/or decrease in resistivity. S-22 the sealant used by Colt for electrical equipment leak repair produced a non-detectable level of leachable chlorides.

Having documented over fifteen thousand repairs during the past ten years our data shows that about five percent of these repairs needed to be re-injected during that period.

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