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Transformer Oil Leaks Repaired Without
Draining Oil

Dielectric fluid, nitrogen and SF6 gas leaks have plagued the electric industry for years. In the past, it was common practice to take leaking equipment out of service, drain the oil, re-gasket all potential leak points, refill the unit and hope that the problems were corrected. In some cases, a leak would recur and the whole process would have to be repeated.

COLT Power Services offers alternative solutions for repairs to SF6 gas leaking problems.

Today, these leaks can be repaired without draining or depressurizing the equipment by means of hydraulically injecting compatible sealants to stop the leak. The repair process varies depending on the type of leak, but a typical leak is found around the stem area of the radiator flapper valve. If the leak is located low enough on the transformer, the repair is completed with the unit in service, and in all cases the repairs are completed without draining the transformer.

Lower unit repairs completed while energized.

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